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Validential is ranked #1 in North America for Next Day evaluations, providing foreign academic evaluations to individual clients, immigration attorneys, public and private schools, colleges and universities, government, and corporations worldwide. Validential is a nationally recognized and accredited foreign academic evaluation agency, powering America’s largest network of foreign academic evaluation sites. Since 2014, we have provided academic document authentication and evaluation services of foreign high school, college and university studies from virtually all countries.

Validential follows AACRAO academic evaluation guidelines, and we’re members of the international education industry’s leading organizations, receiving the latest and best academic evaluation research. Our reference library of international academic evaluation literature ensures our clients receive only the highest quality foreign academic evaluations, which are regularly accepted by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and by educational institutions and employers nationwide.

Our Services

General Evaluation

A General evaluation identifies and describes the documents being evaluated, the awarding institution, the admission requirements for the certificate/diploma/degree, the program type, date of graduation, certificate/diploma/degree earned, post-secondary school information, our evaluation methodology, the evaluator’s CV, document citations, and certification to the U.S. educational equivalent.

A General evaluation is the minimum type of foreign academic evaluation available, and may be suitable for limited employment or continuing education purposes.

Standard Course by Course

A Standard Course by Course evaluation includes all aspects of the General evaluation as well as the list of subjects studied, individual grade conversion into the U.S. grading system, and calculation of both the Grade Point Average (GPA) and post-secondary credits earned.

Standard Course by Course evaluations are typically required for continuing education or employment applications, and include our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for these purposes.

Immigration Course by COurse

An Immigration Course by Course evaluation is the gold standard of evaluations, and includes all aspects of the Standard Course by Course evaluation as well as the education narrative, as required by USCIS for visa approval purposes.

An Immigration Course by Course evaluation is recommended for all US visa and immigration applications, and includes our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for immigration, continuing education or employment purposes.


We are American Translator Association members and translate documents, credentials, diplomas and transcripts from any language into English. Our translations accurately identify degrees, diplomas and certificates, and are certified as to accuracy. Mailing of the certified translation is included with your evaluation order.

Many of our clients are new to the foreign academic evaluation process, so we’ve made it very easy to get started – either email us for a quote, or upload your academic documents here to place your order. You’ll receive your foreign academic evaluation report the next day. Need it faster? We also offer same day rush service. If your documents require translation, we provide integrated translation services with rates less than half that of other agencies.

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I have truly enjoyed your professional and customer-oriented approach during the process of equivalency evaluation of my foreign degrees and converting it to the US-based standards. I have experience working with other evaluation services in the past evaluating my degrees, but so far your service has been superior compared to everyone else whom I have worked with. You have been very fast, reliable; customer-oriented, fair, and most importantly you have a direct human to human communication approach.

I recommend your service to everyone who is looking for reliable, timely, and professional equivalency evaluation of foreign academic credentials, and courses.

Working with you has been a real pleasure and thank you for your professionalism,
Ivo Boudakov

I found your website while looking online for a solution on how to send my high school diploma to my college. I have never  heard about you guys before so  I first  started a chat with Marie asking her about my issue, she replied that Validential can do it for me I was happy and worried at the same time as it would be my first experience  with Validential… but I can tell you you are the best for many reason: 1- the work is fantastic; 2-great organization; 3-outstanding professionalism; 4-a wonderful time management. I already spread your links to my coworkers and to my friends like me who struggle to get things done from our home countries like certification, diplomas and so on.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Fazia Guermour

A foreign academic evaluation is the conversion and certification of your prior foreign academic accomplishments to the U.S. educational equivalent. Your report will help institutions like schools, colleges, universities, employers, licensing boards or immigration agencies understand your educational credentials.

choosing an agency

You have many choices for your important foreign academic evaluation, and service quality varies widely. We suggest the following criteria when selecting your agency:

  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating
  • A member of the international education evaluation industry’s leading organizations, including at least NAFSA, TAICEP, EAIE & NAGAP
  • General evaluations should be 3-5 pages long and cost under $70
  • Course by Course evaluations should be 6-10 pages and cost under $130
  • Standard delivery time should be under five business days (with no rush fees)
  • Certification stamp and signature should be included (and not an additional fee)
  • Document translation services should be available
  • Translations should cost less than $30/page
  • Acceptance of your evaluation should be guaranteed
  • Your selected agency should have excellent customer reviews

Validential offers the industry’s only Next Day Guarantee (conditions apply), and the lowest prices as compared to 26 of the leading competitor agencies.

Course by course evaluations include our 100% Acceptance Guarantee.

Our clients receive 5 Star service via online chat, email and phone support seven days per week. With our leading technology, you can easily check your order status anytime.


We’re passionate about serving our clients, and we look forward to serving you!